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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Tokyo Olympics stadium

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The 2020 Olympics will take place as from the 24th July to the 9th of August in 2020, and 207 nations will be in attendance as well as at least eleven thousand athletes. It will be the first time that this event has returned to Tokyo, ever since 1964 and it will be the fourth time that the Olympics have been in Japan. As such, it will be a memorable event. There will be events in 50 disciplines in categories such as cycling, aquatics, karate, archery, athletics, badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, canoeing, and golf, fencing, equestrian, gymnastics, and field hockey, volleyball, shooting, rowing, and sailing, amongst others. Other than these, there is talk that the International Olympic Committee is deliberating the introduction of bingo as an official sport which could see the game feature in Olympics. This idea is not far-fetched as new games will make a debut in the 2020 games, following acceptance by the committee. All sports require that one be observant, alert and abide by sportsmanship, which are skills that Bingo players possess. As the committee decides on the introduction of this favorite game, you can work on enhancing your skills to put you ahead of other players when the time comes.