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Joe Embiid Turned From Beginner to NBA Star

Joel Embiid is now a NBA star

Fans had a great time as they watched basketball stars battling it out in the third annual NBA Africa Game. The game occurred following camps and charitable activities that had taken place in the continent several days before. It was a great way to bring the good works to a finish, and so Team World and Team Africa went at it, to the pleasure of their fans. The game came to an end with Team World winning after a score of 96-92. The MVP title for the game went to Danilo Gallinari who scored twenty-three points in the game on 9-10 shooting. However, the best performer of the match was from Team Africa, and it was none other than Joel Embiid, a star at the Philadelphia 76ers. He showcased his skills in both defense as well as in scoring, and he walked away with 24 points to his name. Many who watched the game knew that its intensity would not be like that at NBA games, but Joel managed to bring a lot of excitement to it. With some great hustle plays in tow, he went on to leave a mark and met players at the rim on many occasions during the play.

Joel later went on to give an interview where he expressed happiness at being part of the competition. He also let on that he planned to take part in the NBA Africa Game annually. Joel, who is a native of Cameroon, got discovered at a similar camp and he thus feels that the Basketball without Borders is an excellent initiative to reach out to players with skills out there. In the program, players get to uplift communities in Africa through works such as building them homes, touring children’s homes as well as many other charitable activities which speak to players who grew up in the continent. Though Team World has emerged the winner in the last three matches, this does not in any way overshadow the great job that the initiative is doing.