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Philadelphia in store for QB Controversy – Vick or Kolb?

In a pretty unlikely scenario, Michael Vick is back on the scene in a big way. After a concussion knocked Kevin Kolb out in week one and sidelined him for week two, Vick wasted no time in throwing gas on the simmering coals of a quarterback controversy.

If you remember, the word out of the Philly locker room last year was that guys were leaning more for Kolb than McNabb. Well, that was good for Kolb at the time, but keep in mind, not everybody was in favor of having Kolb as the starter.

No question that there will be several of those guys, and probably some old Kolb supporters that are going to jump on the Vick bandwagon after he electrified the entire NFL by throwing for 284 yards and two touchdowns while rushing for 37 yards.

I was at the Avis rental counter waiting to pickup a car when I noticed people surrounded around a TV. Little did I know at the time that they were glued to watching MV7. There is something about the guy, love him or hate him, that draws every football fan’s attention. Which is precisely why this will be a huge story in Philly sooner rather than later.

Lost in the stats is the fact that Vick was connecting on several long throws (a knock on him in the past) as well as pinpoint accuracy on the short ones.

I talked to a good friend who knows the Philly sports scene better than anyone, and he said that the controversy won’t hit a fever pitch until Kolb stinks it up for another game. Regardless, the ingredients are all there and this could become real interesting, real fast.