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Andy Roddick Upset at U.S. Open


Big freaking surprise. Andy Roddick got upset by an inferior opponent, again. This time to 44th ranked Janko Tipsarevic.

The AP news story said:

Andy Roddick found it infuriating that a lineswoman who called him for a foot fault was wrong about which of his shoes touched the line.

You know what I find infuriating? The fact that we pay attention to this donk who is a perennial choke artist and is as overrated as they come. Why is he still relevant?

Already trailing 5-2 in the third, Roddick wound up in an argument over a foot-fault call on a first serve. He turned to the official and asked, “What foot?”

When she told him it was his right foot, he replied, “That’s impossible.” Roddick then turned to chair umpire Enric Molina and, pointing first to his right foot, then his left, asked, “Has THIS foot gone in front of THAT foot ever in my career?”

You know what else you haven’t done in your career? Met expectations.